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W.E. Palmer Salvage Products

Nylon/Vinyl Salvage Covers
Canvas Salvage Covers
Nylon/Vinyl Floor Runners
Fiberglass Blankets

  • Flame retardant & self-extinguishing
  • Waterproof- Provides excellent protection from water damage and will shed water to remain lightweight when wet
  • Tear resistant- Punctures will not spread
  • Weatherproof- Resists UV and mildew. Performs well in extreme temperature environments- hot or cold
  • Cleanable- Soap and water will remove dirt, grease, oil stains and surface mildew on nylon/vinyl covers

Nylon/Vinyl Salvage Covers:

  • Made of vinyl coated nylon material meeting NFPA specifications.
  • Welded seams with sewn hems on all sides.
  • Reinforced grommets approximately every three feet.
  • Standard colors: Red and Yellow (Additional colors also available on custom orders).
Nominal Sizes Part #
12' x 12' CHV1212
12' x 14' CHV1214
12' x 18' CHV1218
14' x 18' CHV1418
Custom sizes available

Canvas Salvage Covers:

  • Made of 12 ounce flame, water and rot resistant canvas.
  • Seams on all sides are sewn with special thread to reduce seepage.
  • Reinforced grommets are then placed approximately every three feet.
Nominal Sizes Part #
12' x 12' CHC1212
12' x 14' CHC1214
12' x 18' CHC1218
14' x 18' CHC1418
Custom sizes available

Nylon/Vinyl Floor Runners:

  • Used for the protection of floor, rugs and carpets in hallways and aisles.
  • Made of the same material as our vinyl salvage covers in standard widths of 27", 30" and 36".
  • Lengths available starting at 10' and up.
Runner Width Part #
24" NVR24
27" NVR27
30" NVR30
36" NVR36

Fiberglass Blankets (Black):

  • Used to smother flames in a confined area, our blankets are chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents.
  • Standard service temperatures of 1100-1700 degrees F.
  • Reinforced grommets placed approximately every three feet.
Full Size Part #
6'x 8' FB68
8' x 12" FB812
12' x 12' FB1212
12'x 18' FB1218
Custom sizes available
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